Obama condemns Gaddaffi

Unfolding events in Libya with rebels gaining control of the coastal cities of Benghazi, Tobruk and Misrata and Colonel Gaddaffi only maintaining real control over Tripoli, have made this desperate leader resort to the mass killing of his own people.

With more that 1000 Libyans killed by crackdowns of the Colonel’s military regime, international condemnation of his actions is coming in fast and thick. President Obama has now openly condemned the violence and has commissioned Secretary of State Clinton to intervene at diplomatic levels.  However, this could well be too little and too late to stem the horrific bloodbath taking place in the country.  Hospitals filled with wounded, morgues brimming with corpses and bloody war torn streets are becoming the norm in this troubled country.  That the Colonel’s days are numbered is clear, but what is more pressing than guessing when that will be, is how the international community can step in to help the brave Libyans to gain their freedom.

[Middle East & Africa Contributor]


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