USA and UK backed the wrong side in middle east and Africa, says UK PM David Cameron

At an address this week to the Kuwaiti Parliament, Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron said that the UK and the USA was wrong to have backed the autocratic regimes in the middle east and Africa as by doing so they had contributed to the disrupting ‘people power‘ revolts now widespread in the region.

So is this information from Mr. Cameron new? Not really. Arabs and Africans are not that stupid and have known for a very long time that the policy of the UK and USA to support dictatorial regimes in the middle east and Africa was alive and present and had abounded with raw self-interest for the preservation of corruption in the region so as to encourage the flow of oil and other deals to them.

And what of Mr. Cameron’s apology – is it well-timed? Perhaps not, as the UK and USA’s inaction over the plight of the Palestinians, the illegal war and invasion of Iraq and Afganistan (which Mr. Cameron had supported), the use of radioactive ordinance and unmanned drones in those countries which have negatively affected thousands of civilians, makes the apology now hollow, insincere and desperate.  There is no lost love between the UK and USA and the people on the ground in the ‘people power’ revolts. Ask anyone  of them and they will tell you why their dictators were allowed to oppress them for so long  – all down to the west they will say.

Anyway, view the video [news source: Telegraph UK] and make up your own mind. Perhaps Mr. Cameron wanted to tell the Kuwaitis: ‘You’d better loosen up, or your turn could be next!’. Let’s wait and see…


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