Shot to death for complaining to a noisy audience member at a cinema in Riga, Latvia!

On 19th February, at the Forum Cinema in central Riga, Latvia, during the screen showing  of the Oscar-nominated movie Black Swan, a man was shot dead. The sole reason for his murder was his complaining to a fellow member of the audience about the person’s behaviour and loud popcorn eating.

27 year old Nikolai Zykov, a graduate lawyer of the Police Academy of Latvia who had the gun illegally, had behaved badly in the cinema, talking loudly, rustling his popcorn bag and  ignoring comments of other viewers that he should behave more appropriately. He had then been approached by 42 year old banking expert, Aigars Egle, who told him off for his behaviour.  At that point, it is reported, Nikolai shot Aigars several times in front of his 14 year old daughter who was with the victim at the time.  Aigars had held a Master’s degree in finance from London University having studied at Riga Technical University and was a doctoral candidate in IT and computer sciences.

Whilst gun crime is still rare in Latvia, a country in the Baltics of some 2.2 million people, violent crime has always been the main, but hidden feature of this struggling post-Soviet state.  This sad event is being considered as the emerging tip of the iceberg of unrest in the nation’s population due to stress as Latvians continue to suffer from soaring prices and public service cut-backs as a result of the financial crisis.

Black Swan is a psychological thriller about a ballet dancer who goes mad over pressure to do better in her art.

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