Snoring can kill – new hope for sufferers


Snoring is serious health hazard because it is the prime symptom of a serious health problem – obstructive sleep apnea (‘OSA’).

Over 18 million Americans suffer from OSA. The condition causes sufferers to cease breathing during their sleep involuntarily and often because of problems with clear airways. Snoring and OSA tends to happen when the jaw, throat, and tongue muscles become relaxed whilst asleep and block the air passage. Episodes can last up to 60 seconds at a time and can happen many times during sleep. Most people do awake when total obstruction happens in most cases, but snoring/ OSA can leave them tired and worn out after sleep.  OSA has also been linked health problems such as:-

Acid reflux
Frequent night-time urination
Memory loss

Heart attack

Those over 35 are at a high risk of OSA which is quite expensive to analyse and treat. Some sleep clinics can charge over $5000 for one treatment with follow-up treatments costing an equivalent amount in time. Conventional remedies may include drugs and the use of CPAP devices that force air in whilst you sleep which many claim to be uncomfortable. Also surgery may be involved for some.

Primary news source: How Life Works

But, now there is a shining light on the horizon for snoring/ OSA sufferers. It is in the form of an inexpensive and non-invasive treatment available called the ‘chin-strap’.  A study undertaken by Eastern Virginia Medical School‘s Division of Sleep Medicine which was published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine finds that wearing a chinstrap whilst sleeping can effectively treat snoring and OSA.

The snore/OSA cure chin strap available from MySnoringSolution provides support for the lower jaw and tongue thus stopping blocking of the air passage. Those who have used it, according to the company, report that they are sleeping better and have better health as a result. It costs $119 (around £50) and can be ordered from the company’s website.


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