US flunks role of peace-broker in the middle east

[Primary News Source: BBC]

Libya’s death toll is now at 84 as protests continue throughout the country and with the Bahraini Army’s withdrawal from the capital, Manama, it seems that the raging fire of popular unrest in the region is moving on at an alarming pace.

With all that happening, the recent USA‘s endorsement of Israel’s illegal building on the occupied territories in Palestine has done nothing to defuse tension in the region but has served to further isolate the USA as a peace broker.  The US endorsement of Israel’s actions happened this week, despite all 14 other members of the UN’s Security Council backing the resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories as an obstacle to peace  as endorsed by the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).

BBC reports that it was the first veto exercised by the Obama administration said that it would seek closer ties with the Muslim world and the vote is surprising given the Obama administration’s public denouncement previously of the settlements being ‘counter-productive’. PLO secretary general Yasser Abed Rabbo said the US veto was “unfortunate” and “affected the credibility of the US administration”.


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