Valentine Day’s Olympics!

You have heard a lot about Valentine’s day’s traditions and expect a loving surprise from your friend today...

… After a tight hug, you expect your partner to produce a elegantly-packaged vial of exquisite perfume or, at least, a bunch of red roses, to make the day special for you…

But, Valentine’s day is a lovers’ day, not a day for women only. Men are involved too!! So here are our tips on how you can make the day an Olympic event for him.

Think about your male partner, how will you make the day special for him? Forget about hiding an item brought from a shopping-mall under his pillow  –  make the present on your own, so that none of your competitors for his heart can produce the same!  Another tip – it is not necessary to draw the word ‘love’  and red roses everywhere – remember, he is a man and most probably will not wear a T-shirt given by you with a big red heart drawn on it in public or sleep with a teddy bear which has been your favorite present since childhood.

1. Make a T-shirt with a picture of his favorite football team on it, with his photo among them!  He probably will not have expected you to emphasize his passionate love for team sports on Lovers’ day and will be pleasantly surprised by your savoir-faire;

2. Make a tie for him on your own. It is a lot easier than to knit a pair of socks and the instructions on how you can do this can be found on the Internet easily. Every man needs a tie and some of his friends will probably have them as gifts from their girlfriends and wives, but very few can proudly wear  handmade gifts tailored specially for them by their beloved ones;

3. Serve him not only what he likes, but also how he likes! Use your sense of humor when laying Valentine’s day’s table. An ordinary sausage and eggs  can be made not only in mashed eggs, but as a funny creature with legs and arms! He will definitely like it;

Image source: Supercook

4. If you have bought an ordinary gift for him – don’t worry, it can be made extraordinary with a little bit of imagination. Put his new watch in a jar with beads or flower petals or wrap his aftershave spray in presents’ paper and glue some feathers or beads to it – and make him want to contemplate the present for a long time before unwrapping it!

5. But above all – give the present to him with a smile dressed appropriately and tell him how special he is to you – and you will see on his face that you have been awarded the gold Olympics medal for the best Valentine’s present…

Image source: Better Homes and Gardens

Happy Valentine’s Day! Tell us if you found the tips useful – your

[Relationships Contributor]


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