Top 10 ‘United States Lawyer Ranking’, John J Maalouf is admitted to Companionship of OIAC

The Online International Arbitration Court (‘OIAC’) has appointed US top financial lawyer, John J Maalouf as a Registered Arbitrator in the grade of Companion.

OIAC is a leading online permanent court of arbitration established  under authority and regulation of the laws of Wyoming, USA and the United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards of 1958 (New York Convention).   It provides mediation as well as arbitration and its cases are heard by written-only submissions/ online.

Mr. Maalouf is currently one of the USA’s top 10 International Trade & Finance Lawyers as ranked by: United States Lawyer Rankings. United States Lawyer Rankings is considered to be the USA’s ‘definitive guide to legal excellence’ and was set up to identify the Nation’s Top 10 lawyers in each of 12 different practice areas. Lawyers are nominated by corporate general counsels, judges, and fellow practitioners. They have to meet the highest degree of ethical standards in order to be included in a Top 10 List.

Mr. Maalouf is Senior Partner of Maalouf Ashford & Tabot, a firm which has offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and the middle east and he is recognised as an internationally recognized expert in the areas of international trade and finance, business, corporate and banking law.

The Companionship awarded to John reflects his outstanding skills as a lawyer, particularly in the international arena concerning finance and international trade whose skills are considered to be excellent assets for the young arbitration court. 

Dave Fellowes, Member of Council of OIAC commented yesterday: “Our Council is delighted to have John on board as a Registered Arbitrator and we are looking very much to his talented contribution as an arbitrator in our large cases involving finance and international trade. We offer our congratulations to him and welcome him to the court”.

According to OIAC’s Registrar, Anna Sergijenko, by its Rules, OIAC’s Companions are carefully selected and are: persons of such high distinction, or qualifications in law, dispute resolution and/or a specialist technical field who are, by virtue of such attributes, admitted by the Council of  OIAC to this highest grade of Registered Arbitrator. They are admitted for life and are exempt registration and annual fees. They take full part in the decision-making process of Arbitration Tribunals and may serve as Tribunal Presidents and members of OIAC Council.

[Legal Affairs Contributor]


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