First there was Teletubbies, now there’s Rastamouse!

Now the most-watched children’s show on BBC TV since Teletubbies, Rastamouse is proving to be a big hit with kids.

Rastamouse is a music-playing Rastafarian skateboarder whose team consists of Zoomer and Scratchy. All together, they make up ‘Da Easy Crew’ who are a ‘crime-fighting, mystery-solving, special agent reggae band’.  The crew is activated by Mouseland’s President, Wensley Dale to address ‘teefin’ criminal and the like and it thereafter ‘try ‘makin’ a bad ting good’.

The camaraderie between the crew’s members, coupled with the liberal use of Jamaican dialect has contributed to the show building up a cult following not seen since the rise of  Teletubbies. The show is based on the books by Genevieve Webster and Michael de Souza and is now going international with a wide range of merchandise being developed for sale.

Rastamouse is currently the most popular CBeebies show on the BBC’s iPlayer….more…..



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