Going, going, gone! After Mubarak, what’s next for the USA?

Foreign Affairs Contributor [News Source: Yahoo! News – Fri Feb 11, 4:51 pm ET]

Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak handed over power to the military today and left Cairo.  The country’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces  is now in charge of the state and its military forces have assumed operational command.

It is not known what role will be played by the country’s Vice President and key ally of Mubarak’s, but events are showing that any influence he may have had has disappeared with the abrupt departure of his friend, Mubarak.

Mubarak’s departure which brings an end to a harsh authoritarian ruler and friend of the USA, leaves many world leaders, including America’s, wondering what will happen next.  It is clear that whilst the country remains in a state of transition, America’s interest in the region will undoubtedly suffer particularly because it was perceived to be supportive (or for the least, turning a blind eye) of the oppression of Mubarak’s regime. There will need to be a lot of hard work for American diplomacy to reverse this.

Where will Mubarak go? This is unclear as many countries will be loath to have him as a guest for fear of the backlash from the Egyptian people and also the trouble of likely extradition requests that are surely to come for him to answer to the various crimes against his people.

What do you think? What will happen to Mubarak? Will Egypt ever regain its strong links with the USA?


One Comment to “Going, going, gone! After Mubarak, what’s next for the USA?”

  1. The US will have a lot of hard work to recover trust of the people in Egypt as they actively supported M whilst he was in power. Hope they will do OK though as things may get uglier yet 🙂

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