Cosmetic buttock injection kills Londoner in America

A police investigation has commenced in Philadelphia when a 20 year old woman who had a cosmetic injection in her buttocks died on Tuesday at a hotel near the airport.

The woman and her three companions had travelled from London with two of them wishing to have their buttocks enlarged. One of them had a hip augmentation procedure, whilst the other had a cosmetic injection in her buttocks at the hotel. Shortly after the injection, she complained of chest pains and trouble breathing and died later when she was taken to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital.  Her name has not been officially released and the police looking into whether the procedures had been carried out by licenced, or unlicenced persons and what substances had been used. The police say the the procedures had been arranged over the internet.

In 2010, around 35,000 cosmetic procedures were carried out in the United Kingdom alone. Therefore, this death will give many good cause to think carefully about how they go about getting the procedures done and the qualifications of the doctors involved.

Had a cosmetic procedure gone wrong, or someone you know has suffered? Let us know.. your views are welcome in International Times of Dominica.


2 Comments to “Cosmetic buttock injection kills Londoner in America”

  1. Well, some guys like big backsides and I guess soreness wouldn’t last for that long would it now Linda? Have you tried buttocks enhancement? 🙂

  2. A fair comment. But if it had gone well – would a big and sore backside at the age of twenty be worth it I wonder…

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