Dominica, world’s number 1 eco-tourism destination’s first major movie -“A Hand Full of Dirt” with Alwyn Bully is a big hit

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[Jenna Mckenzie, Arts Contributor]

A Hand Full of Dirt is Dominica’s (not to be confused with ‘Dominican Republic‘) first major film. So far it’s reviews are outstanding and it is promising to be a big hit for the island.

The movie engages a world audience with lead actor, Alwyn Bully’s convincing portrayal of its main character. The actors are convincing and the scenery is breathtaking. Basically, the film is a must see for those of you interested in real life drama set in an amazing location.

The film’s lead, Alwyn Bully, has devoted much of his life to theatre, dance and the arts and is a popular and well-respected figure in practically all of the Caribbean islands with regard to his tireless work in the development of the arts in the Caribbean islands via plays, and film work.

About the Movie

Set in the beautiful island of Dominica (the worlds Nr.1 eco tourism destination), Archie Redman is a middle-aged man chasing a fading dream. Obsessed with holding on to his failing hotel, he has sacrificed everything – his marriage lies broken, his son estranged and the bank is poised to foreclose. Ben, his bitter father, ignores his pleas for help, unable to forgive an act of betrayal committed twenty years ago over a parcel of hard-earned land.

Thousands of miles away, Archie’s son Jay struggles with mounting challenges of his own. He is stuck in immigration limbo, jobless in a cold and unforgiving city and involved in a demanding relationship.

Just as an unwelcome piece of news further complicates Jay’s situation, he is presented with an opportunity to resolve his problems, but to take it he must choose between securing his own future and repeating the sins of the past.

Visit: for an update on the film’s worldwide viewing locations.


2 Responses to “Dominica, world’s number 1 eco-tourism destination’s first major movie -“A Hand Full of Dirt” with Alwyn Bully is a big hit”

  1. I saw the movie when it showed in Trinidad. It was awesome, wonderful. Thanks Alwyn, you are my hero!


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