Facebook page makes Caribbean waves

A Facebook page, headed “No!!,I’m not JAMAICAN OR HAITIAN! There’s other Caribbean islands you know’ is going viral on the social networking site having achieved over 10,600 ‘likes’. The page editors have explained on the site’s ‘info’ section: “No disrespect to Jamaica or Haiti but people have to know that they are not the only 2 islands in the Caribbeanand have published maps of all the rest of the region.

Page likers are commenting in droves and the general feeling is that this page was overdue due to non-Caribbeans putting all of the region’s islanders in the Hatian, or Jamaican basket: “I don’t think this is meant to disrespect Haitians or Jamaicans. It’s funny to me when I am asked where I’m from and I say Dominica, and people ask ‘is that in Jamaica?…. They hear a little creole and assume I’m Hatian. They would say ‘oh it’s so terrible what happened to your country’ (earthquake). …??”, a liker comments 🙂

Can you tell a Jamaican from a Hatian, a Dominican from a Bajan?  If you can’t, then visit the page right now and let us have your views!!


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