Court rules – no sex if you’re stupid!

A 41 year-old man who had been in a relationship with another man whom he lived with in council accommodation, is now banned by a British High Court from having sex.

The man, Alan, who is in council accommodation told council officials that the was happy with his sex life. However, they decided that if he was happy with his sex drive, it was too “vigorous” and was inappropriate for him as he had an IQ of 48 and a “moderate” learning disability and as such could not understant what he was doing.

The matter went before the High Court as the council attempted to impose its view upon the man and the judge hearing the case, Mr Justice Mostyn, agreed that  that the man should not be allowed to have sex with anyone on the grounds that he did not have the mental capacity to appreciate the risks associated with what he was doing.

By the order of the judge, Alan is now subject to “close supervision” by the local authority that provides his accommodation to ensure that he does not have sex.

So is it right for the state to intervene in person’s sexual freedom? Should high-sex-driven British men, who are reputedly held by British women to have low IQs be worried that their cassanova days could soon be over if they don’t get that degree that they had put off years ago in favour of their sexual excapades 🙂 ?

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One Comment to “Court rules – no sex if you’re stupid!”

  1. My boyfriend has a high sex drive and is Estonian (not very clever I’m afraid). As we live in England should I be worried about him being banned? I talked to him about this after reading the article. He said that first he would need to understand the article. I’m really worried. What can I do?

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