The Internet – repent, judgment day is here!


According to the news portal EPICENTER report out today, the world wide web has run out of room. The report confirms that this week, the entire range of available numeric internet addresses has been completely allocated.

The only thing that can be done to help us is to balance out the existing addresses by dividing them into ever smaller pieces. Although this monumental change may not be felt immediately in the business world, soon it will be as eventually every company will have to put up with a ‘complicated and potentially expensive technology transition’ which could also bring in slow internet access and unpredictable behaviour of Internet networks.  ‘It’ll be harder to do things that used to be easy.’ “In a sense the net’s going to get stickier,” says John Heidemann according to EPICENTER. John is a computer scientist at the University of Southern California who has done a survey of the distribution of internet addresses (shown above). He complains: “It’ll be harder to do things that used to be easy.”

You can read more on this story by clicking here and giving us your views later…


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