Sex with kids in Bahamas!

Caribbean Daily News reports this week that a 43 year old Trinidadian teacher was convicted of sex crimes against boys in his care. Andre Birbal, an art teacher employed by the Bahamas’ education ministry, had ‘unnatural’ sexual intercourse with boys as young as 11 since 2002. He got 35 years in prison for the offences, but showed no remorse when he was sentenced.

The judge, Justice Longley, said: “The conclusion, however, seems inescapable on the evidence that you used the good offices of the church, your position as a teacher and your relationship with the boys to gain the confidence not only of the boys, but also the confidence and trust of their parents while scheming all the time to carry out a diabolical plot of the predatory sexual exploitation of these boys to gratify your depraved sexual appetite,” .

So the appetite for child sex seems alive and spreading in the Caribbean, from Dominica through to the wider Caribbean. So when will ‘enough be enough’ and political leaders take note of the devastating effect of this kind of predatory action on the region’s youths?

Are you a silent victim of child abuse in the Caribbean, or anywhere else? Let us have your story, it will help not only you, but countless others who are victims to get justice.


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